Be Kind. You Never Know How It Will Affect Another.

Be Kind. You Never Know How It Will Affect Another.

Have you ever been bullied? 

Brigham Bushman has. 

A few years ago, Brigham found himself in a school and situation where he was the focus of a few bullies. With few friends that connect with him, he found himself alone with no one to turn to. 

Then his family moved to a new school boundary and Brigham feared it might be more of the same. Until two boys took the opposite approach. Rather than bullying the new kid, they reached out. Asked him his name. Found common interests. 

Brigham found some friends in the process. 

This juxtaposition of his two experiences inspired him. When it came time to run for student council, Brigham decided that his platform would be a five days of kindness. 

They made a go fund me account with a goal of raise $600 to donate to the anti-bullying coalition. 

The awareness grew, people were inspired, and Brigham and his team blew past their goal and ended up raising $2,000. 

At Stele, we love Brigham, his heart, and the friends that inspired him to take a bad situation and not only leave it behind, but turn it in to something that can help many others. 


Be Brave. Have Heart. 

Welcome to the Stele Neighborhood.