Welcome to the Neighborhood.

Welcome to the Neighborhood.
What is Stele Hats? 
(Pronounced STEE-lee)
You are on your own unique journey
Each of you have your own strengths. You have strengths in your personalities, careers, families, and relationships.  
More importantly though, you are formed by the way you navigate through your weaknesses. The lessons you've learned, the obstacles you’ve faced, the battles you've endured. 
Take Elle Large for example. As a bright, precious 6 year old, Elle’s life was flipped upside down when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. 
She struggled through treatments and along the way made friends with the doctors, nurses, and staff at St. Judes. She also made friends with the other kids and families going through similar treatments to her own. 
All of her struggle could have turned her bitter, but it made Elle grateful. She turned that gratitude and decided to do what she could to help others. 
During the summer she started a lemonade stand and engaged her army of friends to help raise money for St. Jude’s and kids just like her. 
When it was all said and done, Elle raised $45,000! 
Elle, is an inspiration!
Each of you also have something to share. Something to teach. 
Because you are on your own unique journey. Its different than your siblings, parents, friends, or even your spouse. 
Because it is unique there are times we can feel like we are alone, doing it all by ourselves. 
But You Are Not Alone
So how does that translate in to hats?  
Some hats present a style, but lack the meaning or purpose. 
Others say a whole lot. 
Like, for example, if you see me, wearing a Utah Jazz hat, talking to a group of people and as you walk by you hear me say “Jordan pushed off”, we connect and you know exactly what I mean (look it up kids if you don’t know what I’m talking about… its important history!) 
By wearing other hats, like say a Yankees hat, it can mean one thing to a group of people, and when I switch to a Red Sox hat, it means the exact same thing to an entirely different group. 
There is history there. The stories of triumph and the agony of defeat. 
At Stele, we want to combine that connection of fandom with the grandeur of story. We want to inspire. We want to help every person remember what it feels like to have hope!
Because the language of hope has real power. And we know your stories. Your real lives and the obstacles you face and overcome. Those are true stories that give us hope. 
We want to inspire, share, and cheer each other on. We want to give voice to those that don’t speak up. We want share hope to those who feel like none is left. 
At Stele, we want to hat the world so the next time you see STELE you are automatically reminded. 
We are in this together. 
Be Brave. Have Heart.