Break The Stigma
Break The Stigma
Break The Stigma

Break The Stigma

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20% of every purchase goes to support mental health and social change organizations.

Mental health has long been swept under the rug. Tanner Mangum found that to be even more true when it comes to athletes. Those of us who are supposed to be "elite" and stronger than the rest should just bury the pain and deal with it, right? 

Wrong. It's time to deal with it. As a team. As a community. As a Stele Neighborhood. We look out for each other and support each other. We do it the most when one of us is feeling broken or struggling. 

Our Break The Stigma hat is a signal for hope for anyone who might be struggling. We're here for you. It's time to speak up and break the stigma.


Materials: 83% Acrylic | 15% Wool | 2% Spandex

Color: Black | Black

Sizing: Adjustable Snapback



Each person deserves to be seen and accepted for who they are. Our goal at Stele Hats is to inspire each of us to embrace authentic human connection.


Each story is unique. Each person is on a journey of their own. May we use the stories of others to inspire us to be better. May we dare to share the stories of our own experiences and open the opporunity of inspiring another.

Mental Health

After facing his own mental health, Tanner Mangum was inspired to reach out to others to let them know they are not alone and that it's okay to struggle. It's not a sign of weakness to get help, but a sign of strength.

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I do recommend Stele! The company is so kind and genuine and the hats are such amazing quality. It’s the best when a company not only has great products but they are also making a difference.


I would highly recommend Stele. First of all, the hat is very high quality and, well, just a great looking hat! Beyond that, the hat came very quickly and with top notch packaging. I will definitely be a repeat customer.