Find Your Purpose- Te'Jon Lucas
Find Your Purpose- Te'Jon Lucas
Find Your Purpose- Te'Jon Lucas

Find Your Purpose- Te'Jon Lucas

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Te'Jon Lucas discovered early in life the impact a community and a mentor can have on one's life. 

Basketball has taken Te'Jon so many places in his life. First it got him connected to the Silver Springs community center. He was mentored by Mr. Anthony McHenry and educated by so many others. Then is basketball skills grew. It took him from Silver Springs to AAU to high school stardom. That led to NBA top 100 camp, and on to Illinois after dozens of college scholarship offers. Later he played at Illinois and UW-Milwaukee. Now he dons the blue and white of the BYU Cougars. 

When the game was nearly taken away from him during his rise, he had to figure out if his commitment to the game was worth it.

He's played around the country and met so many amazing people. Through that realized that with basketball he can provide for his family and give back to his community. That vision keeps him focused on the future!

Te'Jon found his purpose through basketball, where will you find yours? 

Materials: 83% Acrylic | 15% Wool | 2% Spandex with Sweat-wicking soft as butter sweatband

Color: Heather Grey/Black/White

Sizing: Adjustable Snapback  



Find Your Purpose