Pay It Freely Hat
Pay It Freely Hat

Pay It Freely Hat

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20% of every purchase goes to support Jon's Good Deeds Organization.

Pay It Freely Hat is the mantra of Jon Potter of Pittsburgh Good Deeds. It is “paying it forward” but with no strings attached. We serve to serve, that’s the bottom line. This is the kind of world we see from those who give their hearts to others. That is the world we want to be in.

Materials: 60% Cotton | 40% Polyester 

Color: Navy | Maroon | Yellow

Sizing: Adjustable Snapback 



"I think all that matters is that we do our best every day to make the world a little bit better. And I think the cool thing is anyone can do that, anyone can change the world by making that little mental change to say yes."

- Jon Potter

We celebrate Jon and his story for being a guiding light like so many others that help to remind us to simply make the world a little better each day. We want others to know that serving others just to be there to support is the kind of world we want to live in.

Why choose us?


Each person deserves to be seen and accepted for who they are. Our goal at Stele Hats is to inspire each of us to embrace authentic human connection.


Each story is unique. Each person is on a journey of their own. May we use the stories of others to inspire us to be better. May we dare to share the stories of our own experiences and open the opportunity of inspiring another.

Pittsburgh Good Deeds

20% of every Pay It Freely hat sold will be donated to Pittsburgh Good Deeds to further Jon's mission of selflessly helping others.

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Great fit. Great look. Good quality materials. Prompt shipment and presentation upon arrival was top notch. I would absolutely recommend to a friend.


I can honestly say that Stele hats fit more comfortably then any hat I’ve purchased. But more importantly, the mission of this company and their values make it a no-brainer to show my support. From their hearts to their hats, I will always be a Stele fan.