Spark Joy - Cake by Courtney
Spark Joy - Cake by Courtney
Spark Joy - Cake by Courtney

Spark Joy - Cake by Courtney

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This Cake by Courtney X Stele collaboration "Spark Joy" is a reminder that your next great adventure could be right around the corner. Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes we are looking for that little bit of extra inspiration. For Courtney, in her time of need, it was the opportunity to make a birthday cake for her son. The process, not the end product, delivered her the spark of joy she was looking for launching a new outlet, hobby, and eventual career.
So when you're needing inspiration or wanting to help others feel it, throw on your Spark Joy hat and find what brings you joy!
With your Spark Joy hat purchase you get:
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  • Stele Stickers
  • The Cake by Courtney Cake Baking Bible Ebook
And as an added bonus for the first 100 purchases:
  • EXCLUSIVE access to Courtney's Twix Cake Recipe and tutorial video. This video and recipe are not available in this format anywhere else!

Materials: 100% Cotton 

Color: Pink

Sizing: Adjustable 

I am Courtney Rich and a self-taught baker obsessed with cake and making memories in the kitchen. My cake journey is one that started about 11 years ago. My son was it about to turn one and I wanted to make him a birthday cake. With his birthday coming up I wanted to prove myself and do something heartfelt and homemade. I really hoped to throw this Pinterest worthy party. I didn't have all the tools but I had a mixer and cake pans. I picked a peanut butter cake with chocolate buttercream recipe and I went for it. Being in the kitchen and making this cake for Weston took me back to the memories of baking in the kitchen with my family growing up. I felt happy. I tried my best and maybe look like a bit of a train wreck but it tasted amazing. I got to serve it at his birthday and see the reaction that others thought it was delicious, it was so rewarding. After that party I just remember thinking I want to do that again. And so the next week I picked another cake recipe and I got back in the kitchen. I just felt good doing it and I wanted to keep feeling that way

When I was 19 my parents got divorced and clearly it's something that still rocks my world and it rocked it then. One of the things that happened from that is I became depressed and anxious. Prior to that I was always "president of the happy club" as my parents called it. I'm normally very optimistic and to not feel that way, scared me and I feel like it took something from me for a really long time.

I worked hard to manage it and to overcome it. They thought it might be situational, but here I am 38 years old and it never went away. It is something that continues to creep and and out of my life. One of the best ways I have found to manage it has been baking. Being in the kitchen brought me so much joy that day and was filling a void I didn't even realize I had.

I can look back at those first six years of baking before I started my blog and sharing these recipes, that baking was helping me heal--little by little. It helped to expand my heart and open my mind in other ways. I'm a spiritual person and looking back I realize it was a way my Heavenly Father was coming to me in my time of need.

This kitchen is special and sacred to me. We bake, laugh, dance, cry, pray, and gather together. It is the heart of our home.

Cake By Courtney

What is your story? Are you looking for a spark of joy? Join Courtney today by finding your spark of joy--maybe its baking, maybe its art or exercise or travel. But more than anything else, TRY something.

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